Data Security for your Business.

Safeguard your Business Banner2 160x6001What is Data Security?

Data security is the practice of keeping your data protected from unauthorised users and hackers. Data is anything (emails, calendars, tasks, contacts, sales leads, employee details, financial details, pictures, images, files, etc.) that relates to your business and relates to your employees. Data security is about protecting vital data while maintaining business integrity.

Why protect your Data?

Data is one of the most important assets to any business, it is the key to business’s success. But what happens if this data was to fall into the wrong hands? Without proper security in place, your business data may be vulnerable to potential threats.
There are many factors that can affect data security both from within your company and from outside, such as: Human error, online data breach, and failed physical hardware which can result in a critical loss of data.

How can we help? CloudAssist can show you how to safeguard your data from any potential threats. We offer a range of services including Microsoft Office365 that makes sure your business data is in-line with Data Compliance regulations and Due Diligence guidelines. Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 is ISO 27001, 27018 certified? Also through Office 365 you can use audit reports to increase Data security for your company.

Here are some of the services CloudAssist offers:

• Password Policies - Two factor authentication such as sending a code to your phone or email.
• Data Encryption across the internet and on your devices.
• Full cloud-to-cloud backup advice to provide Disaster Recovery in case of ransomware
• Compliance Policies – that can be incorporated into your employee handbook
• Full Control – Stay in control of all authorised users, monitor who accesses data through all devices and only on the devices that you have enrolled to prevent unwanted access from outside your organisation.
• BYOD/MDM – do you have a policy on ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) devices or utilise ‘Mobile Device Management’ (MDM), it is important to remember that thefts occur, hardware breaks, etc. We can enable you to remotely wipe your devices if it is lost or stolen. Where the BYOD device is not yours, CloudAssist will provide you the ability to remove your data from the device when the employee leaves your organisation so you are compliant to the Data Protection regulations.

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About CloudAssist

CloudAssist moves businesses to the cloud to first save money compared to traditional IT and then enables the features and assist your users to get the most from your investment in the cloud. If you are thinking of moving to cloud or have already made the move then contact us today.

We provide you with the Microsoft products you know and trust. You are assured to have fast, reliable and secure connectivity so that you can work the way you want, on virtually any device, virtually anywhere. We are a proud Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner since 2010.

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