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These days the working practice of your employees has changed but what has not changed is their need to communicate, collaborate and connect with their team member and with clients, in real time, across any distance and across any device.

Our goal is to make assist you put an audio strategy in place, so you can plan, deploy and drive higher adoption. This is important for your office, mobile or virtual worker, in the office, on the road, off-site, or in another country.

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• See when people are available, away from their desk, or in a meeting
• Send an instant message which is recorded in your conversation history
• Set up a Skype for Business (Skype for Business) Meeting via the calendar in Outlook
• Share your desktop or a program in a Skype for Business Meeting
• Make and receive audio & video calls to another Office 365 and Skype users
With CloudAssist’s Audio Conferencing service for Skype for Business, you can add an extra dial-in option with the Skype meeting with local numbers in 83 countries.

This gives your people the ability to communicate whenever and wherever they choose, but it also gives you the saving on calls but also on travel time and increases productivity. Another saving is with your company's carbon footprint, Skype for Business audio and video meetings reduces the necessity to travel.

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