Communication and Security and the Irish IT Manager

Communication and Security and the Irish IT Manager


In this ever-changing environment, businesses are more reliant on technology with their Data and their Communications.

This is more relevant today than ever, especially for the IT departments. In the above quote by Peter Drucker ( World-renowned Management Consultant ), you can substitute Communication for it. IT Departments can only work efficiently to manage todays Communication technology if they can measure it.

The way in which companies interact with their customers is also rapidly evolving with new technologies. This changes how companies configure this technology and how they integrate /train users so they can better serve the customers. At a strategic level, the customer contact sector can avail of this opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence technology and predictive analytics which will provide greater customer service and better insights for the business while also reducing costs.

Plantronics Manager Pro (PMP) is a cloud SaaS product allowing IT Managers to Monitor and Control Communications (i.e. audio end points / headsets) within their business with effortless management. PMP turns an IT headache of managing headsets ( i.e. updating firmware and addressing conflicts ) into data asset which provides powerful services / insights like usage analysis and business intelligence. This allows businesses – not just the IT Department to easily understand patterns, evaluate options, ensure compliance and make better decisions. It can predict and prevent problems before they occur, therefore, reducing the ever-increasing workload of the IT department. (see diagraph below)

Plantronics Manger Pro

Another example of what Plantronics Manager Pro can do is

example Plantronics Manger Pro


CloudAssist can assist you with this challenge while enhancing your data security.  Also CloudAssist is a Plantronics partner - read about our journey with Plantronics.  Download PDF Case Study.

Sean Brady (CloudAssist) was a speaker at the ISO27001 Ireland event in Dublin. “As Data is one of the most valuable assets that any business has today. This means our dependence on communication systems and services makes companies more vulnerable to security threats than ever before. Keeping your data secure, whether its customer, staff or supplier data is critical in most businesses. Data security is a hot topic in the media so ISO27001 not only protects your business against hackers but also safeguards your reputation.” Contact us today. Or schedule today an online 30 min meeting, let our experts guide you through the Plantronics Manager Pro service offerings and answer all your questions.

Lean process for Plantronics Manager Pro Final 1a

Benefits of Office 365 for the Irish Construction Industry

The construction sector is a very fast-paced industry where a lot of the employees work outside the standard office structure. This is where the Office 365 communications and collaboration functionality assists businesses with employees across multiple sites.

CloudAssist will be holding a Construction Sector briefing on January 28th 2015 to illustrate and highlight key benefits of how Office 365 can prove to be of great advantage to each company within the Irish Construction Sector. There will be an expo area set up on the day of the event to allow attendees to network with other technology partners such as Plantronics, DocuSign and Metalogix.Irish Construction Blog

A lot can be said about the benefits offered by Microsoft Office 365 in terms of mobile working, ensuring that employees can connect and are able to be productive across multiple devices and in a variety of locations, onsite and on the go. Company owners and leaders are aware of the potential benefits of online productivity solutions and are increasingly taking the opportunity to re-organise their workforces. They want to see their people spending as much of the working day as possible conducting value-adding tasks, and Office365 is the weapon in their arsenal.

Aside from allowing employees to keep working on the move, Office 365 has a range of other associated benefits. It is not just the 'where' and 'when' that interests’ business leaders in terms of mobile working - firms are also looking at how they can boost collective performance using cloud-based solutions. In an increasingly competitive business environment, companies are using digital technology to break down geographical barriers and work together more effectively.

The advanced communication and collaboration tools offered by Office 365 create an array of opportunities for effective team working. Armed with mobile solutions and remote access to their documents and files, employees can not only work productively but themselves and also contribute to shared projects with colleagues and clients based in other locations. Alterations they make to a document or file are made available to other users in real-time. Office 365’s Lync (instant messaging and conferencing technology) allows instant communication. Employees can use Office 365 to keep in constant contact wherever they are, making it easier to work on projects and bring people together from different parts of the business.

Another aspect of Office 365’s many functionalities worth noting is that CloudAssist has teamed up with DocuSign, the global standard for digital transaction management, and is set to revolutionise the way contracts are managed in the Construction Industry. Like Office 365, you can use DocuSign anywhere and at any time. It is now the quickest and safest way to sign contracts on the go, including facial recognition software and IP authentication to improve security.

Reduced Costs
That’s not all, to make matters even more appealing, Office 365 will prove to significantly lower IT overhead costs for most companies. CloudAssist have recently conducted a case study on the successful implementation of Microsoft Office 365 for King & Moffatt Group. Shortly after the switch to Office 365, Ciaran King sees that they have already reduced costs and will continue to do so.

The cost of replacing a new server, maintenance, call out charges which we would have had before will all be reduced”. – Ciarán King, King & Moffatt
(Read more here)

To summarise, these are some of the key points you will learn at the upcoming Construction Sector Briefing on January 28th 2015 - as mentioned in the CIF Magazine January edition (p. 21).

We invite you to book your place now while tickets last and look forward to our prize draw on the day with prizes worth over €1000, supplied by Plantronics, DocuSign and Metalogix.

For more information on this event, check out and secure your place while tickets last.

This event is over but playback available - watch here 

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Online Trading Voucher 2016

 Online Trading Voucher 2016

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CloudAssist (ICT Expert) is delighted to advise and assist small businesses about a new source of funding to help them to secure more sales online. Did you know €4.1bn was spent by Irish consumers online in 2012 but 75% of this money went to businesses located outside Ireland. Do you want to get your products online? If funding or knowledge has been a problem to date – we can assist.

A new initiative shortly becomes available through your local enterprise board that awards an ecommerce voucher to businesses who need to improve their online trading.

This allows businesses to secure funding for 50% of their projects spend, up to a maximum reclaim of €2,500.

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Who is eligible?

The vouchers are targeted at businesses that have a limited online trading presence; less than 10 employees; applicants must be registered and trading for minimum of 12 months.

Vouchers can be used for?

The Online Trading Vouchers can be used for the development or upgrade of an e-commerce website such as implementing online payments or booking systems. Other usage includes; purchase of Internet related software, online advertising, development of an app, implementation of a digital marketing strategy, consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy, training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an online trading activity.

Vouchers cannot be used for:

– Development of brochure websites – Purchase of non-internet related software – Anything other than online trading related activity

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Online Trading Voucher Scheme - Enquiry Form

21286565 mOnline Trading Voucher Scheme - Enquiry Form

Simply complete the form below to register your interest.

If you are interested in applying for the only trading Voucher, CloudAssist can guide and assist you through the process.

Online Trading Voucher Scheme - Details  

The vouchers are targeted at businesses with the following profile:
•No online presence or companies seeking to improve their online presence
•< than 10 employees
•< turnover of €2m per annum

What the vouchers can be used for:
•IT consultation
•Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website
•Implementing Online payments or booking systems
•Purchase of Internet related software
•Purchase of online advertising
•Developing an app (or multiplatform webpages ?)
•Implementing a digital marketing strategy i.e. Social media marketing
•Consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy
•Training/ skills development specifically to establish and manage an on-line trading

What the vouchers cannot be used for:
•Businesses that are not already trading
•Development of brochure websites
•Purchase of non-internet related software
•Anything other than online trading related activity

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