CloudAssist Affiliate Program

Every company wants to help their end customers in the best way possible, likewise when it comes to their IT solutions. Here at CloudAssist we are an Irish owned Mircrosoft Gold Cloud partner, with an extensive knowledge of Office 365, one of  the many products in our Cloud suite.   CloudAssist is also a forerunner in Cloud Security and collaboration.

If you have an existing customer base, or if you are thinking about expanding your current business with Microsoft Cloud Services, CloudAssist Affiliate programe can help you.   Contact us for a noncommittal meeting, and hear more about our collaboration with Micosoft and our affiliate incentive program.

About CloudAssist

CloudAssist moves businesses to the cloud to first save money compared to traditional IT and then enables the features and assist your users to get the most from your investment in the cloud. If you are thinking of moving to cloud or have already made the move then contact us today.

We provide you with the Microsoft products you know and trust. You are assured to have fast, reliable and secure connectivity so that you can work the way you want, on virtually any device, virtually anywhere. We are a proud Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner since 2010.

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